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Gifts for Teachers on Amazon

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I’m excited because I’m sharing my favorite gifts for teachers! I have done a few other Amazon guides like this if you aren’t in the holiday spirit and just want to know some of my favorite teaching supplies or clothes I love!

Yes, you probably are a teacher too but, who doesn’t love having something they can look off of in case you get asked what you would like! You may even have a teacher bestie that you haven’t known what to get. Or you can share this post on social media to give others ideas! And the best part, it’s all from Amazon which is a click and credit card away!!

If you are a parent or loved one of a teacher this blog can also be helpful because, the teacher you are buying for probably has plenty of mugs! So here are some different options.

Gifts for Teachers that enjoy Beverages!

First on the list, instead of mugs, these are great alternatives. These types of beverage cups are all the rage at the moment, so I’m sure tons of teachers would love something like these. They are great for use in the classroom or for a beverage that could be enjoyed at home after a long day of teaching.

teacher mug
Insulated Mug
teacher mug green
Insulated Mug and Water Cup

Gifts for Teachers that Smell Good

Secondly I am recommending a little teacher self-care is always a great option. And Burt’s Bees gets the job done! This pack has lotions, creams, and lip balm to help every teacher take care of themselves! Some of these items are great for a teacher to keep in their desk for use or to help their home be a little more warm.

burts bees lotion
Burt’s Bees Essential Kit

Scented candles are always a great option as well…as long as your child’s teacher doesn’t have an allergy to perfumes. If they do, maybe try an all natural candle.

Yankee Candle Large 2-Wick Tumbler Candle, Balsam & Cedar
Yankee Candle
Lavender Scented Candles

Gifts for Teachers Made of Paper!

Every teacher loves to be organized and for most teachers doing that with a list or notebook is the best! Things can be crossed off, erased and added to easily! I love keeping a list like these in my teacher bag so that I can keep any ideas I get in the classroom or at home on it! Let’s be honest that a teacher’s brain doesn’t really ever turn off!

todays plan checklist
Today’s Plan / To-Do List
Blank Lined Notebook
paper notebook
Notebook for Male Teachers

One of my teachers friends, Sarah Forst of The Designer Teacher wrote a book! Can you believe it? This book is a perfect gift for any teacher that is looking for how to take care of themselves! Want to read more about it? Check out the blog post she wrote!

self care book
Teacher’s Guide to Self Care

Gifts for Teachers to be Cozy

The next few items are things that I know I would love! Anything that keeps you warm during the winter months is a bonus. Plus if you can wear it to work or at home that’s a bonus!

Maybe your child has a teacher with a great sense of humor. Check out these fun socks!

gifts for teachers to be cozy
Cozy Teacher Socks

If you have a teacher who loves scarves and fashion, this might be a great gift. Scarves are awesome because you never have to guess sizes. Scarves are one size fits all.

gifts for teachers to be warm
Blanket Scarf

Shiny Gifts for the Fancy Teacher

Next here are some cute jewelry options that might tug on a teacher’s heart strings. Sometimes a simple piece that can be worn everyday to remind a teacher of how much they are appreciated is all it takes!

Dainty Necklace Plated Gold
shiny gifts for teachers
Teach Love Inspire Bracelet

Gifts for in the Classroom

Lastly, Teachers always need pens! These are pretty fancy ones that I bet most teachers would not splurge on themselves for. So, to show a little love get them one of these options so they can show off to their teacher friends what great students and families he/she works with!

gifts for teachers in the classroom
Engraved Teacher Pen
writing gifts for teachers
Crystal Pen

CLICK HERE to get to the entire idea list and all the other lists I have on Amazon that are easily saved for you to see products that I’ve used, know and love!

If you’re not loving any of these options for your child’s teacher, chocolate, potted plants, homemade treats and gift cards are always good bets. Hope you find this list helpful. If you can think of any other great gift options, let me know.