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Tech Tools for Teachers

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tech tools from teachers on amazon

During this season of COVID, tech tools for teachers are a hot topic! ZOOM meetings, filming teaching videos, online student portfolios and more! So I put together a list of some technology tools I found on Amazon.

Maybe you’ll find some of these tools helpful as you teach online during this season. There are some other tech gadgets that are good for in the classroom too! If you aren’t into tech I did some teacher must have posts that you can check out here & here.

Tech Tools Disclaimer

I will put a quick disclaimer here that is always best for you to do your research. Check the compatibility of those items before integrating any of these! Also, check with your school if you want to connect something to it to make sure they allow it before purchasing!

These are affiliate links from Amazon. I do make a very tiny bit of money off of these links. Just know that you buying these items allows me to reinvest in more products to give you reviews. I appreciate your support!

Tech Tools for Distance Learning

Just attach your document camera to a tablet! Angle the camera down toward the desk and add something on the desk you want students to see. You can project the image onto your screen or into a ZOOM call.

I like this because then students can see in real-time what you are doing. Also, great for modeling activities with manipulatives like letter magnets or connecting cubes.


If you don’t have a tablet, you could just purchase a document camera. It makes it easy to provide visuals to your students when teaching concepts!

Tech Tools for Any Classroom


I love the idea of a portable mouse for my laptop. I prefer a mouse because right-clicking is my BFF! So here’s a great option for a portable mouse. Plus it comes in lots of fun colors! You just need to stick in the USB port and let it do it’s magic!

You can set up the mouse and put it in your pocket. Then, if you are at the back of the classroom, you can still click on links for your students. I have even seen teachers carry around a small clipboard to use as their mouse pad.


Wireless keyboards are also great!

You can control your computer from up to 33 feet away. Bring the keyboard back to your small group area and still control your computer! Allow students to type in answers by bringing them to their seat!


In addition, the Apple Watch is one of the tech tools for teachers. You can get email notifications, texts, reminders, setting alarms. I am constantly forgetting to submit attendance, so setting an alarm with this tech tool.

With this device, you can capture images and record videos. However, a microscope camera might be a great device for showing students images during online Science class!

Tech Tools In the Classroom

silhouette machine

I have several friends who have a silhouette machine. First, you can use it for cutting out letters and shapes for bulletin boards, fun stickers, or tons of ideas for crafts projects. Second, you can create fun stickers for labeling. Lastly, talk about a time saver on your hands cutting out all the pieces to file folders!

label maker

Here’s a fun label maker

I love mine! For the most part, I add labels to my supply cabinets, my fidget toy drawers, and snack bins! There are no questions about where things belong if it has a label, and a visual too!

ipad charger

IPads in the Classroom

Similarly, if you use iPads in your classroom, you might want to invest in a charging station. This one is compact and charges six devices. Lastly, I know most classrooms have more iPads than that. However, this is a cheaper option than purchasing a charging station for 30 iPads. I personally use and love this one to charge all my devices.

headphones splitter

Lastly, do you have a listening center in your classroom? This headphone splitter would work great for your students. Multiple students can be listening to the same story on an iPad or CD player. However, since they are wearing headphones the sound won’t disturb the rest of the class. 

In conclusion, this is by no means a list of technology to use in the classroom. Do you have any technology items that are ‘must-haves’ in your classroom?