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Gifts for School Staff on Amazon

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gifts for school staff on amazon

I always make it a priority to find gifts for school staff on Amazon. It’s super easy to fill the cart up with practical ideas. If you’re looking for ideas of what to get a school secretary, principal, custodial staff, paraprofessional, or education support staff, look no further. 

Now I recently wrote a post about great gifts to get teachers. I would say that most, if not all, of the things in that post could also apply to all school staff, but I thought I’d put together a list of some additional gifts.

Click on any of the images below and head right to Amazon and add to your cart! And if none of these work for the person you had in mind, I have a bunch more added to my Gifts for School Staff in my Amazon storefront you can check out!

Gifts for School Staff that Smell Good

Candles are always a great gift because who doesn’t love when things smell good? These candles come in a nice pack of four and are a steal in my eyes!

Lavender Aromatherapy Candle

Bath bombs are always a fun gift. Helping to promote self care for those that you work with is always a great thing to do. And who doesn’t like taking a hot bath after a long day!

Bath Bombs

How cute is this diffuser set! This could be a cute addition to someone’s office or home. Plus, it would make their space smell great!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Gifts for School Staff for Self Care

I find that support staff often get overlooked. Teachers tend to get lots of complements around the holidays, but the support staff might not get as many. This water container is such a cute reminder that they are loved and appreciated.

Insulated Water Container

During this season when we have to use harsh chemicals to kill germs, this product is great for protecting our hands after using the harsh chemicals. Everyone wants soft hands!

Gloves in a Bottle

Gifts for School Staff to Stay Organized

These are such a fun gift idea. School staff use clipboards all the time. How fun would it be to give a cute clipboard like these as a gift.

Chevron Patterned Clipboards
Artsy Clipboards

These stick-it notes are humorous and practical. They can allow for any type of list to be written on them but, they also have some great quotes and reminders as people are working that they are doing a great job! The power of positivity at it’s best!

To Do Lists and Post It Notes

Gifts for Your Principals

Now, if you’re looking for some gifts specifically for principals, here are some fun ideas:

Principal Off Duty Socks
Best Principal Ever Water Bottle

And if none of these gift ideas inspire you, school staff always appreciate things like gift cards and homemade treats. My class used to make cookies from scratch every year and hand them out to all the important people in the school that help us out! If you work in a school, what are some Christmas gifts that you love to receive?