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Here you will find the categories of my Amazon Store for easy access. Please note that all of these lead to affiliate links and I do make a small commission if you would purchase from these links. I appreciate all the support that you provide to my blog and website and by purchasing these items directly from me you are support the blog and website in another way.

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Each image takes you to the category on my amazon store where you can find products I either love using in the classroom or that I know have worked well for others. Many of these items are great for use in the classroom or at home with families to use. Feel free to share some of these links with other teachers and parents as they are looking for materials to use with children in a classroom setting or at home.

Many of these materials have been used by me personally or I have researched them to understand how they can be used. Some of the materials listed here are meant for teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff that may work at a school. Please note that not all materials here are for students.

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If you are looking for materials to use in the classroom that are printable resources like what I sell you can check that out here.