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Simple and Easy Daily Core Vocabulary Lesson Plans

daily core vocabulary lesson

Something that has opened up my teaching perspective is using a daily core vocabulary lesson plan in my classroom. Exposing students to vocabulary in as many ways as possible provides the best opportunities for students to learn that vocabulary. I was able to have a method to do that by looking at the sequence of words associated with core vocabulary.

You can look into many different places and find the opinions of people very overwhelming. There are plenty of ideas about how you should and shouldn’t teach core words in the classroom. I asked my SLP to help me with an idea of having a  daily core vocabulary lesson. didn’t know where to start until I sat down with my SLP and we decided what every teacher needs: DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE STUDENTS IN YOUR ROOM. 

So we compiled a list of words we were going to focus on based on the core vocabulary list and then put them in order based on the student’s need. We made our own list of implementation on a calendar and you should too. Trust your gut and know that you are a good teacher that wants what is best for your students. I used this freebie that you can get by subscribing to my email list and filling out the info at the bottom of this blog.

daily core vocabulary lesson

Do what your students need with your daily vocabulary lesson plans?

We took the list that my SLP and I created and we pulled materials from many different places to make this two-week schedule. Again, decide what your students need and then come up with a plan, but my students needed two weeks of exposure. We only teach core vocabulary for about 15 minutes explicitly as a part of my morning meeting lesson Monday through Thursday. I  try to incorporate it into our day all the time. We use signs like this one to show everyone what we are working on.

Here is the day to day materials I use for daily vocabulary lesson plan


**Here is a link to a free book and set of worksheets to try out if you like what is pictured below! 

Monday: Read the Core Vocab book on the smartboard and use the comprehension worksheet.

Tuesday: Read the adapted book and complete this worksheet finding the pictures that represent that word.

daily core vocabulary lesson

Wednesday: Read the adapted book and complete draw lines to word worksheet and cut and paste worksheet.

daily core vocabulary lesson

Thursday: Read the core vocabulary adapted book and do the multi-sensory worksheet.

Week 2: I use a lot of the same materials but, we use more word-based materials as opposed to picture or visual-based. We really try to get the students to start telling us the word more in the book when we read and the worksheets using either their natural voice or some form of AAC.

Monday: Read a book on a smartboard or in the students’ hands and then complete the worksheet with expanding utterances.

daily core vocabulary lesson

Tuesday: Read the adapted book and complete the find the words worksheet.

Wednesday: Read an adapted book and complete the draw the line to the word worksheet and the cut and paste worksheet.

Thursday: Read the adapted book and complete the multi-sensory worksheet.

daily core vocabulary lesson

Here are other materials when teaching core vocabulary in the lesson plans!

daily core vocabulary lesson
All the materials that we use for those weeks in these clear pouches!


daily core vocabulary lesson
This simple worksheet to help students be interactive with the materials.


These worksheets are available in my store by every single word or a mega bundle!

Lastly, I have loved that I was able to set up a routine that was going to work for my students.  We switch words but the activities remain the same and my students have done well with that as the year has gone! Thinking about trying core vocabulary in your classroom?  This type of program might be perfect for you!

Looking for the materials pictured in this blog post??

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