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Core Vocabulary and Sight Word Worksheets


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Looking for a way to incorporate more activities with Core Vocabulary? This is it! Utilize this to amp up for core vocabulary instruction and make it more meaningful for your students!

You can use it as it’s own activity to make:
-Laminate & Dry Erase Marker
-Paper & Pencil Worksheets
-Cut and Paste Activities

This product provides differentiation with different types of activities from tracing, coloring, matching, sorting, and more. See the preview above to get an idea!

Word List:
all, big, come, do, does, did, down eat, finish, go, help, I, in, jump, know, like, more, no, on, out, play, put, quiet, ready, stop, turn, up, very, want, eXit, you, zero.

Also to be added: words not listed above that are part of the DLM Core 40.

You can take this product and use it along side my adapted books which you can find here:

Core Vocabulary Adapted Book BUNDLE

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