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Put-in Tasks for Any Classroom!

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There are so many great ideas for work tasks out there. My students are just starting to learn how to be independent. These students may not have a lot of academic skills but, they can complete these put in tasks.  An item is put inside another. Usually, it is made up of a container and putting a smaller item inside that container but, there are so many different variations and ideas out there you really can do this with so many things.

I am going to share the pictures of the ones that I am currently using in my classroom and I love them because most of the items are cheap or free!!

Put In tasks

Baby Wipes Put in Task

This first task is just a baby wipe container that happens to have a nice sized hole in it. I use these see-through counting chips to have the students put inside almost to emulate a piggy bank or a vending machine. The container is from home use and chips are from math manipulatives I had in the classroom.

Put In tasks

Again using the same material as the one above but the student is placing that item into a different container. This time a coffee creamer container.

Put In tasks

This task was fun because I found these cups at the Dollar Tree and they are meant for young children.  The slits at the top also work great for putting things in! The beads come from a lacing bead set that I already had in my classroom.

Put In tasks

This task has the same snack container but these counting gems that came with a math kit. I am sure they are part of a set that can be purchased!

Small Food Container Put in Task 

You will find a small food storage container with a slot cut in the lid and linking a math set of manipulatives.  I use this in my classroom for patterning or measurement activities!

Put In tasks

These are a smaller set of lacing beads and a gum container with a flip-top lid that was used and going to be recycled!

In this task, you will see the same food storage containers but the student has to put in pom-poms of different sizes.

Put In tasks

Students that complete this task will put the chips or the beads in the holes depending on the shape of the item.

Put In tasks This task has multiple ways to be used but as a put-in task. The student needs to just put the circular beads into the top of the container which opens when the yellow lid comes off. This gumball machine is a toy from the Dollar Tree.

Plastic coins and a crystal light container with a slot cut into the top. The coins are from a party favor set from the Dollar Tree and the container was leftover.

Put In tasks

In this task, the student puts these very small connecting cubes into a small spice container with a square hole cut into the lid.

I love using coffee creamer containers and materials that don’t cost anything! These markers were old and dried out,I but I  had my students put them inside this container!

Drinking Cups for Put in Tasks

This is a drinking cup that is from the Target Dollar Spot, I took the straw out which left a perfect hole for the pony beads to be put through.

This is another drink container without the straw and the student will put the very small stirring straw into the container. They are cut short enough so that they will go down inside. The cup is from Target Dollar Spot and the straws from the grocery store.

This is a food storage container and plastic fruit-shaped ice cubes from the Target Dollar Spot.

Again, another coffee creamer container still provides a hole for something to go in.  I have foam blocks that I got from the Target Dollar Spot.

This drinking cup is from the Target Dollar Spot and the red long items are wooden counting sticks. They are often used to count out groups of ten. They fit perfectly inside this cup lid.

Target Dollar Spot is Perfect for Put In Containers

Lastly, I found a use for those Target Dollar Spot erasers. This is one of the many tasks where I have been able to use them. The container is from Oriental Trading and part of a color sorting task. I just re-purposed it because it has the ability to be used in a put-in task.

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