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Balancing Teaching and a Side Hustle!

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Sometimes I get amazing opportunities to collaborate with others and this was a great one! I got to meet Kelsey who is a young, & adventurous teacher trying to make it all work by balancing teaching and a side hustle. Her tips and advice were awesome to share with you all!

Balancing Teaching and a Side Hustle

More often than not, teachers aren’t just ‘teachers.’ They’re parents, significant others, or picking up a part-time job on the side for some extra cash. So, how do you balance all of that? No worries friend, cause I got you.

I won’t ask you to choose what’s more important because that can really change by week when it comes to all of these obligations. But it is going to be important to choose which one is essential for the week ahead, or even just the day ahead.  Maybe it’s the workweek so teaching is the top priority. It’s the weekend so relationships become number one.  Saturday morning and you’re off to your shift at Starbucks, so naturally, that’s first on your list. It all depends on the day. Choose what is most important to you at that moment.

How I balance teaching and a side hustle? 

When I’m working on balancing teaching, relationships, and my blog, I tend to plan by week. Sometimes I will plan my day, but that really depends on what’s going on during the week. So for this post, I will explain balance in the form of weekly planning, but know you can start each morning planning out the day in the same way.

Every Sunday I sit down and look at my week ahead. If school is in session, that’s the first thing I workaround. Teaching is my full-time job, there’s no working around when that is implanted into my schedule. The second thing I will look at is if I have made any plans with family or friends. If so, I am sure to plug this into my planner, as these commitments will be the next thing I workaround. Finally, I’ll look at what free time I have left to fill in with blog obligations. I make a to-do list of everything I need to accomplish within the week, and then disperse those tasks throughout based on when I have free time, and how much of it I have.

One thing that is really important to keep in mind is that you absolutely CANNOT fill your week to the brim. You need to leave time open for yourself, plans that come about, or for when life just does not pan out the way you expected it to. If your schedule is already filled to the brim, I guarantee that you will become overwhelmed. And that’s never fun.

I promise you that if you are strategic and take the time to sit out and plan your week (or day) balancing teaching, relationships, and your side hustle can be a lot easier than one may think!

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Balancing Teaching and a Side Hustle


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