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Classroom Rules in the Special Education Classroom

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classroom rules

Why Classroom Rules are Important

First off, I must state that I love rules. I am a rule follower so being in a classroom with rules is like a penguin in the artic. Rules are what give our students in the classroom boundaries. It lets them know what they can and cannot do. As teachers we need to be sure that we are going over these rules thoroughly to make sure they understand what is expected of them.

During the first weeks of school I am like a broken record. I am constantly stating our classroom rules and I am giving lots of examples in different areas in the classroom. I explain how each rule can be interpreted in that part of our classroom whether it is the direct instruction area, work tasks, or sensory room. This allows the students to internalize that information and see examples they can emulate.

What You Can Do

A key to helping students understand your rules and expectations is to be clear, concise, and model all the time. Students are not mind readers. We can’t expect that they know how we want them to behave no matter what age they are. Giving visuals also provides for great opportunities to connect the words with the meaning!

In order to be able to do this and tackle different modes of learning for my students I created a few products that could be used with multiple learners but, still was functional and appropriate for teaching rules during those first weeks of school.

And if you would like something that looks a little more realistic I have got your covered! 

In both of these resources you will find small visuals that can go on a lanyard or table, large visuals that can be used as posters, and pages to make books for the class to read or keep in your library! I’ve also updated this product to include worksheets that can be used by writers and non-writers! The only difference between these two resources is the type of visuals on them. One uses clip art and the other uses real photographs!

One thing I love to do with these types of materials is make sure they are sturdy! So I always am sure to print on cardstock and laminate them with 5 mil lamination so they last all year!

In Case You Were Looking for MORE!

One of my favorite things about this is not only are we teaching rules at this time of the year but, most of us are dying to get more independent work started in the classroom.

  • Posters
  • Books
  • Worksheets
  • Lanyard Visuals
  • File Folders
  • Task Boxes

One of my favorite things about this is not only are we teaching rules at this time of the year but, most of us are dying to get more independent work started in the classroom.

If you are wondering what I mean, check out this blog post.

So, along with the posters and books this bundle has items that you can put into your independent work stations or para-led stations that can reinforce the classroom rules! So, you are tackling two items at once!

If you are interested in the bundle check it out here:

Classroom Rules with Real Photos Bundle
Classroom Rules with Real Photos BUNDLE

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9 Responses

  1. I hear you! This can be tricky! I try to not focus on that until we get a few days in and I can see what is going to develop between the students. Structure, routines, and rules are always my priority! They are life savers as we get farther into the year!

  2. Sounding like a broken record will pay off once they understand the rules! Visuals help too so we don't always have to say what the rule is. Excited to check out your product!

  3. So cute! I just happened upon your cute blog as I was doing an analytics search of my website and just love what you've done with the design of your blog! You paired the background so well with the banner and added adorable clip art of your own! Do you mind if I take a screenshot of your blog and post it on our facebook page? Thanks so much for thinking about it! Ashley – The Cutest Blog on the Block