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Social Studies Activities that will Increase Student Engagement

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Are you having trouble finding social studies activities for your students? You want to make sure that each of them learns something new and exciting about the world around them, but how do you go about doing this? First, you will need some ideas for teaching social studies lessons. After that, all that is left is putting those ideas into practice! I’ve got some to share!

Social Studies Lesson Plans: Help Your Students Develop a Sense of Discovery

Social studies is essential. It can be fun, too! As a teacher, you may have noticed that your students are more engaged when they’re learning social studies. That’s because it’s a way to give them a sense of discovery and some of the information is easy for them to relate to. You can teach geography by talking about where students live. You can talk about presidents by sharing who our current president is right now.

The best way to encourage this sense of discovery is through hands-on activities and group work. Social studies lessons will help your students learn about their world by exploring it together as a class or school community—and it doesn’t hurt that these lessons make learning more fun!

Social studies skills include critical thinking and problem-solving. Students can work on reading maps, learning history, and understanding current events. Social studies can help children learn about themselves by teaching them how their choices affect others in their communities or around the world.

Understanding the World around them is important

As a teacher of social studies, you should always be thinking about how to help your students see the world around them. Social studies is all about people and how they interact with each other. It helps us understand why things happen and what the current situation is in our country, surroundings or even other parts of the world.

It is important for students to understand that everything changes over time and we need to keep learning new things in order to keep up with these changes.

One way that I like incorporating social studies activities for my students is with these task cards! You can use them digitally or print them for lessons or centers for students to work independently.

social studies activities printable task cards

They are perfect for hands-on learning! These can be best used as morning work, social studies center work, early finisher, independent workstation materials, and more!

social studies activities digital task cards

The real photos on the task cards provide the students with a hands-on and engaging way to learn The digital version of this resource comes in three different ways to access depending on the platforms that you use.

Task Card Topics Included:

  • Community Helpers
  • Community Non-Identical Match
  • Community Places
  • Community Signs
  • Community Signs Picture Match
  • Continents Picture Match
  • Goods or Services
  • Landform Picture Match
  • Landforms Picture to Word
  • Landmarks
  • Map Symbols
  • Now and Then
  • Producers or Consumers
  • Compass Directions
  • Rural, Urban, Suburban
  • Transportation
  • U.S. Presidents
  • U.S. States
  • Wants and Needs

Planning a social studies lesson plan can be interesting and fun!

You can use many different methods to add social studies activities at home or in school, but there are some ways that work better than others. For example, you could teach multiple topics and have each student choose one topic they would like to learn more about while they are studying social studies with you. Another way would be by using certain methods such as role-playing situations or simulations where students have opportunities through these activities where they are able to learn more about themselves as well as other people in general without having too much pressure put on them.

Social studies is a subject that’s important to all of us. We want our students to learn about the world around them and understand how it works. This can be an interesting and fun process for both you and your students.