How to use Flashcards to Teach Fluency

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Worksheets, task boxes, file folders – there are SO many simple ways to engage our students in learning! One I often forget about? The tried and true FLASH CARD! Using flashcards to teach fluency is an easy thing to do!

Flash cards can be so useful for our student population because they’re always visual, and can help focus on fluency! You can read more about how I work with my students on fluency here and here. No skill is functional if a student can’t perform it quickly. 

use flashcards to teach fluency

Additionally, if you’ve been around for awhile, you know I am really passionate about teaching my students money skills. Knowing, comprehending, and counting money is ESSENTIAL for independence, and we want our students to confidently shop and work without getting taken advantage of or requiring tons of assistance. Insert money fluency flash cards!

I LOVE to use flashcards to teach fluency and help teach money for all of the reasons I shared above, and also because flash cards are incredibly low prep. Literally – just print and go! (Well, I love to laminate mine for longevity, but that’s up to you!) 

This product, Money Combination Flash Cards, is the perfect way for students to begin generalizing and working on becoming fluent in their ability to identify coin combinations. There are over 100 flash cards that address coin and money combinations between $1 and $5. With the variety of combinations addressed, you can be certain students will get exposure to a variety of combinations and practice across multiple exemplars!

I also love to store these cards in a simple and accessible way. The best way I have found to store them is by using these cases! They make it so you can have sets stored individually but, also keep sets for specific students together!

Are you on the flash card bandwagon yet?

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