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Free, Fun, and Engaging Adapted Books for Kids

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I have always loved using adapted books for kids in my classroom that can motivate students to learn. It’s best to create a learning environment that is fun and engaging for our students. They are more willing to follow through with the task that we have given them because they like it. That is why I love using adapted books in my classroom with my students. They’re interactive, engaging, and they can be created for just about any topic, which makes them super versatile. They also can be great for teaching life skills, which you can read more about here.

In this blog, I plan to share with you some of the free adapted books that I love using in my classroom. These are all available in this blog post by clicking either the image of the book or by clicking the link directly below it.

Fun Adapted Books for the Classroom

First, let’s talk about adapted books for kids that can include other materials. This book is the Sensory Bin Adapted Book. The main idea of the book is that it asks the students to match items that are in the sensory bin. The interactive pieces are things like a measuring cup, a rubber ducky, and a car. Each page has a sentence saying “I put in the _______”. Then there is a picture of the object. Students have to velcro the appropriate piece onto the page to match the picture.

adapted books for kids sensory bin

I know our students love to use sensory items. I’ll have to admit I think they also can be super fun. I’d typically pair this with a real sensory bin in the classroom. Then allow the students to complete a page and perhaps follow a direction (like, find the ball that is yellow and give it to me) with the physical sensory bin there as well. This creates more engagement and also adds to the skill of following directions and listening comprehension. These are two major functional skills that all students need to be successful.

Turning Things Digital in the Classroom

digital adapted books for kids

Lastly, another fun idea that struck me when a lot of us were teaching virtually was to take those beloved adapted books and make them digital!! This means that the students complete the books on a computer, tablet, or another device through a program with the materials on it. This could be Google Slides, Boom Cards, or others. My favorite for this is definitely Boom Cards because the students get immediate feedback, there can be audio to read the pages aloud to the students, and it keeps data for you as the teacher on the students’ progress. This book is on Boom Learning which is the website for Boom Cards! If you want to read more about what Boom Cards are you can HERE.

So in conclusion, adapted books for kids can be used in many different ways and if you liked these and want to read more about other adapted books that I have created you can check them out HERE or you can also visit my shop and look at the category “Adapted Books”. Happy reading!