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Easy Ways to Teach the Alphabet with Pictures!

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teaching the alphabet with pictures

There are so many great resources out there for teaching the alphabet with pictures. Things like magnets, puzzles, worksheets, books, and more. The list goes on and on.

One of my favored methods of reinforcing is with flipbooks (also called adapted books) of the alphabet with pictures. I like flipbooks because they are easy to make and they involve some form of reading. But I wanted to go one step further and make the flipbook interactive as well. You know me. I love to make things more interactive so it engages my students’ minds more. Plus, I find that my special education students like using their hands.

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What are Alphabet Flipbooks?

Initially, I created an interactive Alphabet Flipbook set because I had students that were older but still needed to work on letter identification. I wanted a set that was mature enough for them so the books with real photos came to my head. This set included 8 adapted interactive books with options for both upper and lowercase letters A-Z. And there’s a bonus picture matchbook, so really it’s like having 9 adapted books.

alphabet flip books with pictures
Alphabet Flip Books

How the Flipbooks of Alphabet with Pictures is Setup

Moreover, each page of the flipbook is dedicated to a different letter. There is a giant alphabet letter. There is a word that starts with that letter and a real-life picture of that word. For example, on the ‘A’ page, there is a picture of a red apple and the word ‘apple’. There is also a blank box with velcro in the center where students will have to fill in the letter ‘A’. Students will search through small velcro letters to locate the letter ‘A’. Importantly, they will attach it to the box before moving on to the next page.

Prepping the Flipbooks

Additionally, with most TpT products, there are a few ways that you could put your flipbooks together. But let me tell you how I like to put mine together.

  • First, I print all the pages and laminate all of them.
  • Next, I put the last page to the side. This is the page with all the small letters on it. I put it to the side so I don’t accidentally cut it in half with the other sheets. (How many times have I got in a rhythm and cut something that shouldn’t be cut!)
  • After that, all of the other pages can be cut in half and put in order.
  • On each of these spaces there is a blank box. Attach the soft side of velcro dots in the center of the blank box.
  • Then I cut the letter pieces and attach the rough side of velcro dots to the backs.
  • Lastly, put the booklet together by either punching holes and putting rings through it or by using a binding machine.

And voila! You have an alphabet flipbook.

alphabet with pictures

In conclusion, there are several ways you could use these booklets. They could be a center activity during Literacy Centres or Guided Reading. I love using these for work tasks or independent tasks. For instance, these books could also be a whole class instruction task.

Also, I’ve got other alphabet-based materials that might be a good fit for your classroom. Check out all of my alphabet materials with pictures here.

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