Top 10 Pinterest SPED Accounts I Follow!

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Hey there! We all probably have a love and hate relationship with Pinterest. I mean, I LOVE all the ideas but, there are definitely times where is it SUPER overwhelming to look at the pictures of classrooms, products, and everything teacher related that you want to do!

I spent some time looking at the top 10 Pinterest SPED accounts that help me stay motivated. These are just my personal favorites for ideas, products, and teaching tidbits. There is no specific order in this list just great content! Make sure you are following them all!!

1. The Autism Helper

2.Mrs. D’s Corner

3. Teaching Special Thinkers

4. Autism Classroom Resources

5. Mrs. P’s Specialties

6 .Adapt for Autism

7. Breezy Special Ed.

8. YouAUTaknow

9. Autism Adventures

10. Teach Love Autism

I do really feel like that there is something to be said that is great about each of these accounts. If you don’t follow them you totally should and hopefully I’ve sparked some new ideas for you as you are trying to make it through the next couple weeks before your holiday break time!

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