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Sharing What Works: Work Tasks 2

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My obsession with work tasks continued… Here is another round of work tasks that I do in my classroom currently. Like I said before, these are ones I’ve made up, or I have gotten ideas to do from other teachers. Let me know what you think!

Pattern block work task
Pattern Block Patterns- This was simple to set up. I had pattern blocks on hand and found these pattern templates somewhere online for free (If I could find where I would link it.) Here is a link to a Pinterest board that had a lot of images that were similar  Pattern Blocks
Color sorting work task
Paper Clip Sorting by Color- This one was a more advanced sorting task. I took small snack containers and placed a small square of a paint chip that matched the colors of the paper clips that I was using to the bottom of the container.  Then I added a bunch of paper clips of varying colors so that it was really targeting that skill and not just a lucky guess. Also, notice that I put variations of some colors to help with generalizing the skill such as both light and dark blue.
Clothespin and ruler work task
Fine Motor Clothespins to Rulers Color Matching- These rulers were a lucky find in Walmart at the beginning of the school year. I actually didn’t know what I was going to use them for but, I figured they would be good for something. Then I figured it out. I got the colorful clothespins from the dollar store or you could use wood clothespins. I have done this in a pinch when one has gone missing. The students have to use their fine motor skills to clip the right color clothespin to the right color on the ruler. I love work tasks that tackle two skills at once!
Letter Sorting Work Task
Letter Sorting-  This task was created in a pinch when i realized I forgot to put something in a work task box for a student.  All I took was an ice cube tray from the Dollar store and some left over letter tiles that I had for the student to randomly sort letters.
Number Matching work task
Number Matching Task- This was made from bulletin board borders that I got at the dollar store and never found a use for. So I laminated them and left one part whole and added hard velcro and cut the other one apart into pieces and added soft velcro so they could be exactly matched to each other.

I’m loving my work tasks right now, my students are also doing the same. They are staying busy and they are working hard!

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