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Counting Nickels Task Cards


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Needing to work on counting money and counting nickels? These cards specifically work on counting nickels in isolation to help with increasing students’ money skills. This set of 24+ task cards can be used digitally (no prep) or be printed (instructions for both inside). The real photos on the task cards provide the students with a hands-on and engaging way to learn ending sounds in words. The digital version of this resource comes in three different ways to access depending on the platforms that you use.

Included in this resource:

  • Interactive PDF with self-correction slides
  • Boom Cards
  • Google Slides version
  • Printable Task Cards (Instructions Included)

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Upload this activity to Google Classroom or another platform or learning management system of your choosing. This activity works on computers, smart boards, tablets, iPads, and smartphones.

Not sure how to use a digital interactive PDF? Download the instructions HERE.

Not sure how to print these materials? INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED!

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