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DIY Materials for your Special Education Classroom

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One thing I love is a little DIY. For many reasons.. it is usually cheap, it is sometimes free, and you get something exactly the way you want it! I posted a picture on Instagram about 2 weeks ago of  this…

Special Education DIY
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It is a sensory light box that I have in my sensory room.

It was made by a OT student teacher who helped my sensory room get a makeover. She was awesome and I was so sad to hear that she was moving to Virginia for a job, but she is doing fantastic there.

Anyways, when I posted the pic I got some questions on how it was made. I don’t have pictures of how I made it (because I didn’t) but, I thought I could share some pictures to show you how she did it.

There are a few items that you need:
-Multippurpose light
-rubbernaid tub box (shoe box size is good)
-hot glue gun
-materials to put on top!

Special Education DIY
You will probably want one of these. Here is the affiliate link!!
Special Education DIY
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You need to place it inside the box and then seal it with your glue gun. the case I have has the clamps on the side that lock so I didn’t glue mine but, I know I wouldn’t want little finger to get it open and mess with the light!
I use this in my sensory room and loved that as I went through my Pinterest that I found all kinds of crazy ideas that I could use with my students. They are going to have so much fun this year!!
Then, find some cool things to play with on top of the lid like…
I love the versatility of this box and so do my students! If you take the plunge and make one please send me pics! I’d love to see how you did it!

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