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Work Tasks Part 5

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Hey There!

I know it’s been a while since I have gotten any good stuff on here and I apologize. The good news is that I am adding to one of my all-time most viewed groupings of posts! You got it, the work task ones! For some reason there are just tons of you that are as nuts and crazy about work tasks as I am so I thought I’d share some of the ones that I have come up with lately!

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Let’s get looking into some of the newest work tasks I have incorporated in my room!

Work Tasks for Autism Canned Food Sorting
Sorting canned items and perishable items. This is a task that you can find in my store called Grocery Store Sorts. It is part of a bunch of sorts of different types of categories of items you’d find in a grocery store.
Work Tasks for Autism Fine Motor
This involves placing pony beads into a drinking cup with a small hole at the top that a straw is suppose to go into. This is an awesome put-in task! It was so easy to make. I just took the straw out of the cup and added the beads. It is a great fine motor task.
Work Tasks for Autism Color Matching
This task involves taking the cylinders of the same color (all the reds, blues, or greens) and put them into a test tube. Then set the test tube into the correct color holder that matches the cylinders. This is an assembly task that involves a lot of steps. I only give this to my students that have more advanced independence skills.
Work Tasks for Autism Clothespins
I love tasks with clothespins! They are super easy to assemble. I use them with task cards a lot and they are awesome for students that need more fine motor skills. I owe clothespins of all sizes! These are being used with clip strips that have items you would find in the kitchen and clipping the corresponding picture.
Work Tasks for Autism
This task uses a muffin tin and shower curtain hooks. The student has to sort the hooks by color into the muffin tin following the example in this picture.
Work Tasks for Autism
This is another task like the one above except hair ties are being sorted in the tin. This is another great way to help students have a vessel to sort things that is easy, commonly found, and cheap!
If you can’t tell I love sorting! This is another tray I have found (at the Dollar Tree) and the erasers are from the Target dollar spot. So this task cost me $2! I did provide visuals for which colors to sort where because sometimes the students need that in order to be independent in completing the task.

If you really want to be a junkie like me, check out my Pinterest Work Task Board!

It is loaded with tons of ideas from not just me but, lots of other great teachers that have really found some awesome ideas!

If you are sitting here wondering how to get this all started you can check out my Work Task Starter Kit.

Starter Kit

It has all the visuals, choice boards, and schedules to help you set up this in your classroom.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about how I set up this in my classroom! It really is one of the most successful systems in my room and it makes it so I have time to work with students 1:1 but, I know that my other students are productive and on task! Thanks for checking in with me!

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