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Special Ed Socials Back to School Bundle


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Are you looking for some special education materials that cover tons of topics and content areas? These resources from some special education teachers include schedules, math materials, a teacher planner, a paraprofessional training binder, literacy materials, and much more! This comprehensive bundle includes 10 resources for different subjects and different abilities of students in your classroom!

This special education classroom setup bundle includes 10 products:

  • Alphabet File Folders:  65+ file folders for working on letter identification, letter matching, and phonics skills. (From Teach Love Autism)
  • Digital Time Task Cards: 140+ task cards work on telling time with a digital clock from errorless to 3 answer choices. Mix them up or work on questions leveled separately! (From Full SPED Ahead)
  • Analog Time Task Cards: 140+ task cards work on telling time with an analog clock from errorless to 3 answer choices. Mix them up or work on questions leveled separately! (From Full SPED Ahead)
  • 0-20 Counting Mega Pack: Working on numbers 0-20 in your classroom? This resource will provide you with print-and-go activities for numbers 0-20. These counting activities are perfect for math centers, small groups, whole group instruction and more. (From Spedtacular Days)
  • Learning to Read a Schedule: Are you students learning how to read a schedule to gain additional life skills? This product has multiple levels of differentiation to assist many students. (From Spedtacular Days)
  • Special Education Teacher Planner: The Special Education Teacher Planner saves you time and keeps you organized – and is designed with special education teachers in mind! (From Cultivating Exceptional Minds)
  • Community-Based Life Skills for Virtual Field Trips: These community-based virtual field trips allow students to create and develop real-world connections by giving them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore the world and develop the skills needed for future employment. (From Cultivating Exceptional Minds)
  • Paraprofessional Binder: Use this paraprofessional duties binder as a template to train your classroom aides, paraprofessionals or assistants to learn more about your room and expectations! This is completely editable and comes with an entire binder of already put-together details for your classroom including a paraprofessional schedule and paraprofessional training. Tweak this information to best serve your classroom needs! (From Full SPED Ahead)
  • Learning to Read a Calendar: Have students need to learn calendar skills? Grab these print and use resources with multiple levels of differentiation to practice and master this skill! This product contains 15 different sets of worksheets to learn this skill and an adapted book! Each set of worksheets has multiple ways of completion from cut and paste, multiple choice, writing, tracing, to fill in the blank. This resource is perfect for all ages. (From Spedtacular Days)
  • Visuals Schedule Boards- Tons of visual supports in digital and printable form for students with color-coded options too! (From Teach Love Autism)

This special education bundle is perfect if you are teaching a self-contained or resource classroom for students with severe or complex disabilities. Included are tools to help you plan instruction, teach functional skills, and implement activities in the classroom. In addition, it has all the visuals you could need including schedules and independent work systems.

Save time organizing and developing your classroom with this bundle that allows you to have all the tools you need right at your fingertips.

Love these products? Check out the teachers who made them!

Full SPED Ahead: Heather Cacioppo

Spedtacular Days: Ashley Lutz

Cultivating Exceptional Minds: Dawn Ellis

Teach Love Autism: Jenn Adams


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