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This product includes a 10 page simple adapted book with real photos for the U.S. coin QUARTER! The book can be used with students who need errorless learning or there is a page of other coin options for students that need more of a challenge! So many options for the different learners in your classroom!

Along with the book is a set of comprehension questions that are differentiated depending on your classroom’s needs! A set of questions with answer fields of 1, 2, or 3 are available to challenge students as they learn to identify the coins by sight, name and value!

Lastly, another cool feature of this product is that a communication board is available with the information covered in the book and the answers to the comprehension questions so working with early learners or non-verbal learners is a breeze!

In conclusion with this product you get:

  • 10 page adapted book with errorless and outlier pieces
  • 3 differentiated levels of comprehension questions with 3 fields of answers
  • 1 Communication board with access to answers for the book and questions

These books use real photos to keeps student exposed to the material they would come across in the real world and helps them to generalize the skills while they are learning! Also, both the front and back of the coins are available to teach students to identify coins from either side!

See the video preview of this product to see what is inside!

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