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Life Skills Tasks: Bedroom Clothespin Cards


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Life Skills Clothespin Cards BUNDLE

These cards are utilized in my classroom in small groups, one on one instruction, and in my work tasks. They help to reinforce life skills that are essential for students to know. In this specific pack it is 30 vocabulary words you would find in a bedroom (bed, nightstand, window, sheet, pillow, etc.). They will help students with matching skills, vocabulary, and fine motor skills.

You can use the product by printing, laminating, and then deciding whether to keep the word que at the top of each card or just use the visual for students to practice matching. Then the student can use a clothespin or other manipulative to mark the same picture.
One thing that I really like about this product is that any student verbal or non-verbal can use them in the classroom. All you need are these cards and some way to mark the correct answer. I use clothespins but, you could use dry erase markers, clips, or anything you can think of!

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