Leisure Activities Reading Visually Comprehension Mini Bundle

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Are you looking for NO PREP reading passages and questions that use symbol supports and are leveled and differentiated to meet the needs of the varying students in your classroom?

Try this DINOSAURS set for FREE

These symbol supported reading passages and worksheets can help students build fluency and reading comprehension so you can make the most out of your reading instruction for all learners!

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This bundle in particular is themed around PETSYou just print and go and you are ready for an entire week of lessons!

Bundle Includes:


  • All passages are between a 210L – 400L Lexile Range (First Grade)
  • 4 levels of passages with symbol supports
  • Book cover with real photo


  • Level 1 Passages – This set is in a five page format with one sentence from the passage on each page with symbol supports.
  • Level 2 Passages – This set is one page with a five sentence paragraph with symbol supports.
  • Level 3 Passages – This set is a one page passage with seven sentences with symbol supports.
  • Level 4 Passages – This set is a one page passage with seven sentences with NO symbol support.

Comprehension Worksheets Included:

All sets of worksheets have four levels of differentiated materials to match the passages the students are reading.

  • Circle or Color all Images in Passage
  • Main Idea Cut and Paste Web
  • Match the Sentence to the Picture
  • WH- Question Cut and Paste Web
  • Comprehension Questions

Extra Worksheets:
Yes/No & True/False Worksheets
Fill in the Blank Worksheets

See the video preview of this product to see what is inside!

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