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Getting Dressed for the Weather Interactive Book


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Total Pages: 50+
File Size: 12 MB
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This interactive book provides a way to extend you morning meeting or calendar routine in your classroom by pairing science and weather with functional skills for dressing up. Students will participate by manipulating the pieces to practice dressing themselves for the weather that day using multiple clothing options and bodies that represent themselves.

In this product are materials that provide visuals with realistic looking clip art that is characteristic of the grade levels for primary grades (Pre-K,K,1,2,3). There will be more resources in the future for other grade levels! However, you can not use the heads and take pictures of your students to have it look more real!

In this product you will find the following options for creating the book:

  • four diverse sets of boys and girls for putting clothes on
  • sets with facial features/hair
  • sets with blank heads to personalize
  • color options for bodies and clothes
  • black and white options for bodies and clothes
  • blank pages for storing pieces
  • labeled pages for storing like clothing items (shirts, pants, etc.)
  • cover page and back page with student image

In this product you will find the following options for clothing:

  • winter beanie
  • puffy Jacket/Coat
  • fleece jacket
  • long sleeve shirt
  • winter pants
  • socks
  • snow boots
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • raincoat
  • rain boots
  • short sleeve shirt
  • sweatshirt
  • pants
  • baseball cap
  • cargo shorts
  • tank top
  • sunglasses
  • flip flops
  • sneakers

These materials can be prepped once and used everyday all year long by storing them in a binder or binding them into a book. ALL students can have their own set and work in the SAME group!

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