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Gifts to Show Your Classroom Staff Appreciation

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classroom staff appreciation

It’s that time of year where most of us are looking for ideas gifts to show our classroom staff appreciation. It’s no secret that I believe that paraprofessionals are so important to our classrooms and we want to show them that. I wanted to share about how I do this during this time of year. I also keep an eye out throughout the year for my staff in a quick, simple, and inexpensive way that doesn’t break the bank! 

Some ideas that I have thought of for the holiday season are located as a part of my Amazon storefront that you can access here:

classroom staff appreciation

I do make a small commission if you do decide to purchase anything from the lists in my storefront.

Classroom Staff Appreciation Gifts for Anytime of the Year

First, I wanted to share that I do get my classroom staff gifts for the holidays but, I also give them random gifts throughout the year. They are usually smaller gifts than the ones I get them at this time of year. I have good reason for why I do this. I also have some suggestions on places I find them at!

Moreover, I like to give my staff random gifts so that they know that I appreciate them not just during the holidays. I feel as though that extra thoughtfulness goes a long way in building rapport with your staff. 

When I do get random gifts for my staff they are something small! Some ideas are post its, nice pens, $5 gift cards for coffee, their favorite snacks or drinks, small notebooks. Other items that can help them do their jobs better like clipboards, timers, and clickers can go over well too! You ultimately know the people you work with and what they like!

Affording Para Gifts on a Budget

I often find these items through clearance sections at stores. Over the last few years I have a bin that I keep hidden in my classroom where I stock pile all the items that I find. Sometimes the items are seasonal and themed so I have to wait until the next school year to use them. I will often look at back to school time for cute pens, pencils, notepads, and other office supplies for cheap. Then I will use ribbon and make a cute little combo of items to give to my staff. 

Another great place to find some of these items is a website called Naeir. I have talked about this website before for just general school supplies for teachers. Recently, I have found some items that work great as gifts as well! You do have to register for the site before you can buy from it but, there are some awesome discounts! 

In conclusion, after the holidays roll around or even now while you are out getting those bigger gifts don’t forget to think about things you could use for later! You can store them away and use at another time. It can always come in handy when a staff member needs a pick-me-up! It’s the little things that can show your staff how much you really couldn’t be the amazing teacher that you are without them!