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Interactive Morning Meeting Binder CANADIAN VERSION


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Total Pages: 250
File Size: 36 MB
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If you wish to purchase the U.S. Version please click the link below!
U.S. Interactive Morning Meeting Binder

Do you need a way for your students to be able to participate in your morning meeting or calendar time in your classroom that is engaging and differentiated to their capabilities? This interactive morning meeting book has 4 levels of differentiation with materials that can be used in so many different ways. to meet the needs of your class. The materials can be prepped and used everyday by storing them in a binder or binding them into a book. ALL students can have their own set and be able to be in the SAME group!

In this product are materials that provide visuals with REAL PHOTOGRAPHS making this age appropriate for ANY type of educational setting. It also utilizes the option of black and white materials to keep the product cost effective and limiting of distractions.

Levels Included:

  • Level 1: Errorless- only the right answer is available for students to manipulate.
  • Level 2: Limited Choice- teacher chooses the number of options available to answer.
  • Level 3: Multiple Choice- all choices are available to answer or fill in the blanks
  • Level 4: Open Ended- Students can write their answers with or without a word bank.

Topics Covered in this Book:
Yesterday was…
Today is…
Tomorrow will be…
The month is…
The date is…
The year is…
The weather is…
The temperature is…
It feels…
The season is…

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