5 Ways to Have Fun in the Classroom

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Holidays are always a time to have fun in the classroom and Valentine’s Day is no exception!  With their minds focused on all things hearts, candy and cards, it can be hard to keep them focused in the classroom in the month of February. I love incorporating Valentine’s Day activities with my students, but sometimes the prep work to do these seasonal types of tasks can be more work than a teacher is looking for. I have some little or no prep activities that you can use in the month of February that I am going to share in this blog post.

With simple items like paper, pencils, colored pencils, file folders, lamination, and some Velcro you can have students enjoying the holiday and have these resources for years to come saving you the time every teacher is always needing.
These easy Valentine’s day activities are low-prep, teacher-friendly, and easy to put together. 

Matching Fun in the Classroom

February Matching Boards

If I haven’t already told you, I have a Facebook group filled with thousands of other teachers just like you. They are looking for support and ideas and I hope you join us if that is your sort of thing. Also, in the Facebook group, I share some exclusive freebies that only members of the group get to use. These February Matching Boards are perfect for your students that are learning to match, or may still need some errorless support. Once you have joined the group check out the files section where you can find this and other resources!

February matching boards file folder freebie
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February Matching File Folders

This set of file folders has clipart that matches a February theme. Students can match and sort the pictures learning about common vocabulary related to the month. This easy-to-prep activity can also be used as morning work, independent work, or as an early finisher activity. This freebie can be found in my TPT store.

February File Folder Freebie Fun in the classroom

No Prep February Fun in the Classroom

February Yes/ No Mazes

A freebie found in my TPT store for you with this one! It’s got a fun twist to it because students need to read the question, look at the picture and answer the yes or no question before moving through the maze. So, we are working on answering questions and fine motor skills. If you know anything about my products I love to cross multiple skills into one activity and this does just that. This is a print-and-go activity that makes it easy to use any time of the day!

yes/no mazes  fun in the classroom

Interactive and Engaging Low Prep Materials

February Math File Folders

These file folders include 15 math activities including patterns, number ID, number sense, addition, subtraction, measurement, time, money, and more. These file folders are available all year, but the February ones are so adorable a bit partial to the clipart because my birthday is in February. I love a set of file folders like these because even though it takes some time to prep, then you have them year after year.

Who will be my Valentine? Adapted Book

This product has two adapted books that are leveled with the use of visual support for the first level and no visual support for the second level. Students will love using these books because they are centered around the theme of community helpers and answering WH questions. This set of two books (10 pages each) needs to be lightly prepped but, again then you are ready to go to use year after year!

Hoping these resources find you thinking about taking on the holidays more often in your classroom! Your students will love to do something different every once in a while and also, it can be fun as a teacher to spice things up a bit!