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Editable Schedule Boards for Autism or Special Education


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Total Pages: 100+
File Size: 39 MB
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Need some printable or digital boards for your visual schedules that are color coded and editable? Over 100+ options with the ability to be edited or versions with the description label already there. 14 color options to make all your color coding dreams come true! There are also black and white versions to print to save ink or use with Astrobrights paper! The digital version are available on Google Slides so you can drag and drop in the pieces that you want to use.

This product has multiple uses and is great to prep for back to school. You can use this for an entire day schedule, a few steps, a mini-schedule, a first-then board, or an AM and PM schedule.

Both DIGITAL and PRINTABLE versions are in this product!

Types of Schedule Boards Included:

  • First/Then (In 14 Color Options)
  • First/Then/Next (In 14 Color Options)
  • First/Then/Last (In 14 Color Options)
  • To Do/Finished
  • List with Checkmark
  • List with Numbers
  • Numbered Boxes
  • AM & PM
  • I am working for/ So I must…
  • Blank with Editable Heading

Please note: These are just the boards, images will need to be provided by the purchaser.

If you want more options for visuals to use along with this product I suggest looking at this Visuals for Special Education or Autism.

In this resource:

  • Editable PowerPoint and PDF versions available
  • Limited Icons (6 total) for activities
  • Instructions for easy set up!

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