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How to Join the Free Resource Library on the TLA Shop!

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free resource library
Sensory Bin Adapted Book

I believe it’s a fact that when the word “free” is stated, teachers come running. Even more? Special education teachers! That’s why I created the Teach Love Autism Free Resource Library in the TLA Shop.

As a special educator myself, I know how specialized the materials are that we need. Moreover, I also know how much time we dedicate to creating the perfect supplies for our students. Lastly, I understand how much money we often spend to make those things happen.

My hope is that this free resource library of resources will ease some of that burden for you. In turn, it helps to get a few more necessary resources into the hands of the teachers and students who need them most!

What is a free resource library?

Believe it or not, it’s exactly how it sounds – a bunch of free, downloadable resources that I have made just for a classroom like yours! You do not pay anything to get these and I will occasionally add to it!

Real Photo Number Task Cards

How do I gain access to the library?

The free resource library is exclusive to subscribers of the Teach Love Autism Insider newsletter. This is also free, and all you need to do is sign up!

First, you need to sign up for an account on our website. This will then sign you up to receive emails from me regarding newly released products in my store, sales alerts, tips & tricks. Then you will get access to all the free resources in the TLA shop! When you join the TLA Insider (what I call my weekly emails!), I promise that it will only ever be used for Teach Love Autism-related information.

free resource library
Matching Storefront File Folders

So, what’s in this free resource library on my shop?

The resources available in the TLA free shop are digital downloads just like ones you might find in my TPT store, except they’re ALL free! These resources can’t be found anywhere else! They’re not for sale in my TPT store or available anywhere else on my blog. They are exclusive to the TLA free shop and to members like you!

In the area of the shop, you will find token boards, file folder activities, adapted books, errorless learning activities, task cards, wall decor, and more. If you love my products, you’ll definitely love the resources in the free shop.

Here’s a look at some of the resources!

free resource library
Real Photo Colors Adapted Book

Sounds perfect – where do I sign up?

free TLA shop

You need to create an account on the TLA shop site. This also signs you up for my emails! After that, you will be logged into the site and can instantly download any freebie that is on there!