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2014-2015 Classroom Schedule

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As we all know in special education, we have to be SUPER flexible. Our schedules are constantly changing to meet the needs of our students, staff, and schools. I usually try to have some order to my classroom. No, wait, I ALWAYS have a plan, because if I didn’t I’d go crazy. So I made my schedule and with that I know it will change 56 more times before I get it the way I want it. For the time being this seems to be my best option.

2014-2015 Classroom Schedule
I can explain a little bit of what I do or my staff does in each of these sections to help you know a little more about what I do in my room. When I post my classroom reveal you can put some visuals with it as well. I’m not quite there yet (even though student orientation is Monday, eekks!)
UA- Unified Arts- This is music, gym, technology, art, and health. They rotate these throughout the year but, the time they have them stays the same.
Life Skills- As you will see in my classroom reveal I have added a new area to my classroom called Life Skills. I will have work tasks specifically related to life and functional skills like sorting laundry, hanging clothes, sorting silverware, vacuuming, wiping tables, and many other home-like tasks.
Work Tasks- Again, you will see in my reveal but, this really is the best part of my schedule. I have all these work boxes that I’ve have made to create this seamless system that my students thrive on. Check out my pinterest page, Teach.Love.Autism on Pinterest,  if you ever want ideas of cool work boxes. I def. will have posts coming with new ones I have created over the summer.
Reflex- I love this program! It is a math fact fluency program that is super engaging! I received a grant for it last year for free, and my administration saw that I used it a lot and they bought it for me this year! So thankful! Check out the website here!
Earn Time- Our version of free choice time, reinforcement, preferred activity time, whatever you call it in your room. My students are in middle school and don’t always need immediate reinforcement (don’t get me wrong, some still do) but, we use Class Dojo to keep track of our positive and negative behaviors throughout the day and that helps determine what they get to do for Earn Time.
Class Dojo Autism Classroom Schedule

Morning Meeting- This is where we do calendar, weather, social skills, read the News-2-You paper for the week. It’s a lot of skills packed in one. I co-teach this with my SLP and it is awesome!

Morning Work/Chores- These are binders I have set up and tasks throughout the classroom that I have my students do after they get unpacked for the day. Something that is structured that keeps them busy while I run around taking attendance, calling parents, and other crazy stuff.

Math DI/Reading DI- This is my students one on one time with me in either reading or math. They have binders with specific curriculum picked out that I use just with them geared towards IEP goals or skills that we have deemed necessary for these students based off beginning of the year assessments.

Science/Social Studies- I use the News-2-You and Unique Learning System to create my lessons for these subjects. We either rotate topics or if the students are really interested in something we will carry on with it for a week or even a month!

Fluency- This station is run by one of my para-professionals. Each student has sets of cards of skills they need have recently mastered and we work on maintaining fluency of those skills so the students can maintain them. each student has their own set based on what they need.

Binderwork- This is also tailored to each student and what they need and is run by my other para-professional. It could be math, reading, writing, grammar, handwriting, and more.

Inclusion- This is when my students are out in regular education for their instruction.

OMG! I didn’t realize how much I had to explain. If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. There are a few pieces to this schedule that I’d like to do separate posts about because they are so specific and there is a lot to them! I will also post pictures of my reveal soon and that can help create a picture as to how things work in my room!